GCOM brand

For more than 20 years, GCOM has been operating in the market of telecommunications equipment manufacturers and is one of the leaders in the market of Asia and South America.

And the appearance of the GCOM brand in Ukraine is really great news!

GCOM equipment meets all modern technological requirements and is actively used for building telecommunication networks of all levels.

Why GCOM brand:

• High-quality products
• Wide range of products for complex networks
• Own software
• Compatibility with other brands’ equipment
• Official support from the manufacturer
• Official supplies of equipment to Ukraine

The manufacturer invests at least 15% of its income in new research and development, which allows the company to offer the market modern solutions to meet the needs of customers.

The range of GCOM brand includes switches of all levels for building both PON and Ethernet networks.

GCOM presents a complete list of switches:

• Access 100 Mbit
• Access 1 Gbit
• Aggregation 1 Gbit
• Aggregation 10 Gbit
• Chassis
• Energy Saving Switches
• PoE Switches

Equipment for PON-networks:

• EPON (8 ports OLT, 16 ports OLT, Up to 48 ports OLT Chassis)
• GPON (4 ports OLT, 8 ports OLT, 16 ports OLT, Up to 48 ports OLT Chassis)

GCOM – а complete solution for building telecommunication networks.