Important Warranty Information:

The GCOM brand equipment passes several levels of quality control: at the manufacturer’s factory, as well as when the goods arrive at the warehouse by the Technical Control Department.

Of course, any equipment may be damaged, which is why all the GCOM equipment is guaranteed. What does it mean? In the case of a breakdown, you can contact the supplier company and the Service Center will repaired the equipment as soon as possible.

The warranty period for GCOM equipment is 12 months

A completed warranty card with a seal confirms the right to free warranty service. The warranty card must include: model, serial number of the product, warranty period and date of sale. For free warranty service, please keep the warranty card for the entire life of the product.

In that case, if the equipment breaks down by the fault of the manufacturer and make a warranty repair is not possible – the equipment will be exchanged for the same item. For more details, please contact your manager.

Cases for which the guarantee is not covered:

The service center accepts in the repair equipment in a clean, packed and assembled form. There are a number of reasons for refusing to repair equipment, such as:

  • mechanical damage;
  • non-compliance with the operating conditions or erroneous actions of the owner;
  • Incorrect installation, transportation; violation of the security of warranty seals
  • natural disasters (lightning, fire, flood, etc.), as well as other causes beyond the control of the seller and the manufacturer;
  • ingress of foreign objects, liquids, insects into the device;
  • repairs or structural changes by unauthorized persons.