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Optical line terminal GPON OLT GCOM GL7500-10

  • 8U ultra-compact chassis, high-density line card
  • 1+1 master redundancy, 1+1 power redundancy
  • hot plug fan tray, intelligent speed and temperature control
  • 10 *slot ( 8 * line card service slot and 2*master transmission slot )
  • max 48*GPON Port
  • 400Gbps high-speed backplane
  • Forward and control double – mesh double plane, distributed business processing
  • IPv4/ IPv6 and MPLS hardware wire-speed forwarding capacity
  • full-load power consumption≤ 400 W

GL7500-10 is the latest GPON OLT launched by GCOM. It uses modularized design concept, combined with advanced industrial design and manufacture technology to provide users with broadband access with moderate density, high reliability, flexible networking, easy installation and maintenance. GL7500-10 offers the IPv4/ IPv6 linear forward capacity, incomparable service performance, operational security attribute. Therefore, it can supply operational BBA network large capacity, high speed and high bandwidth data, voice and video service access for its high reliability, high scalability and super service performance. According to different user scenarios, GL7500-10 can be applied to FTTB, FTTC, FTTH, etc.

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Main Features

Backplane bandwidth 400Gbps
Switching Capacity 400Gbps
Forwarding Capacity(Ipv4/Ipv6) 305Mpps
Qty of total slots 10
Qty of service slots 8
Service port downlink maximum 48*GPON(6*CPON line card)
Uplink maximum 4*10GE SFP+
Redundancy Design Double master redundancy
Double power supply redundancy
Power Supply AC: input 90~264V,47~63Hz
DC: input -36V~-72V
Power Consumption ≤400W
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 445mm×352.8mm×330mm
Weight (Full-Loaded) ≤40kg
Environmental Requirements Working temperature:-10°C~60°C
Storage temperature: -40°C~85°C
Relative humidity: 5%~95%,non-condensing

Detailed Features

GPON Features Support G.984 standards, uplink 1.244Gbps, downlink 2.488Gbps; the machine supports max 48 GPON OLT ports;
Each GPON port supports 128 ONU, and the whole machine supports max 6144 ONU;
Each port supports 4096 GEM port;
Each port supports 128 Alloc ID;
Support downlink AES-128 encryption protocol
Support uplink and downlink FEC, RS (255239);
Support for static bandwidth allocation CBA, dynamic bandwidth allocation DBA;
L2 forwarding Storage and forwarding mode;
Support for dynamic learning of MAC addresses;
Aggregation part MAC address 64K;
Support MAC address clear, view, search;
Support 12KB overlength frames;
Support the 4K queues queue;
The switching capacity is 410Gbps
Broadcast storm Support unknown unicast, multicast, broadcast storm suppression;
The range of inhibition is 0~32000000 PPS;
Spanning Tree Support 802.1D, STP, 802.1w, RSTP, 802.1s multispanning tree protocol;
traffic control Support 802.3X full duplex flow control;
Support half duplex back pressure flow control;
Port rate-limiting Support output port speed limit
Rate limiting particle size 64Kbps
Link Aggregation Support 128 aggregation groups;
Each convergence group has a maximum of 8 ports.
Support load balancing based on source MAC addresses, destination MAC addresses, VLAN, Ethernet types, source IP addresses, and destination IP addresses;
VLAN Support 4K VLAN;
Support 32K incoming port VLAN conversion;
Support 32K egress VLAN conversion;
Support dual 802.1ad flexible QINQ;
Each port supports VLAN bindings based on ports, protocols, IP subnets, and priorities;
Flexible QINQ Support flexible QINQ,S-VLAN supports 4096, and CVLAN supports 4096;
 L3 forwarding Support 16K IPv4 host routing or 8K IPv6 host routing;
Support 32K LPM IPv4 routing or 16K LPM IPv6 Routing;
Support 8K IPv4 multicast or 4K IPv6 Multicast;
 AAA and security Support authentication based ONU MAC address ;
Support ONU blacklist;
Support user rating management and password;
Support ACL packet filtering based on L2 and L3r protocols;
Support downlink 128bit AES encryption;
 System Maintenance Provide the RS232 management interface Console;
Support remote telnet maintenance;
Support DHCP network management;


GCOM GL7500-10 manual



GCOM GL7500-10 datasheet