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  • interface 8*  GPON  OLT,
  • interface 2*  SFP  Gigabit,
  • interface 2*  SPF  +  10G
  • 1* GE in-band management

AC Power supply is now available in combinations such: 2*АС, 1*АС, AC+EDFA (optical signal amplifier)


Optical line terminal GL5610-08F is an outdoor OLT switching equipment, providing 8* GPON OLT interface, 2* SFP Gigabit interface, 2* SPF + 10G interface and 1* GE in-band management. GL5610-08F adopts advanced technology, having a powerful functionality and QoS guarantee on the Ethernet business. It supports SLA and DBA, with the maximum 1:128 splitting ratio. In addition, it supports a hybrid network of different types of ONUs, which allows to minimize the operator's capital expences.
GL5610-08F is suitable for FTTH access of operators’ network, for video surveillance networks, corporate LAN, Internet of Things and other network applications, providing optimal performance-price ratio.