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Switch L2 GCOM S2600-10PC

  • 8*10/100Base-T with POE power supply
  • 1/2*ComboGE+ (100/1000M BaseX SFP or 100/1000M BaseT)
  • 10K Jumbo, 16K MAC address, 4K VLAN, QinQ
  • 460 ACL with controlling depth of L4
  • Full-loaded power-consumption is lower than 14W(without POE supply)
  • POE supply satisfy 802.3af and 802.3at
  • Max power consumption supply of single port is 40 W
  • Forwarding Capacity – 4.2Mpps
  • Backplane- 20Gbps

S2600 POE series Ethernet switches are developed by GCOM as a new generation carrier access Ethernet POE devices. These series not only provide high bandwidth transmitting , but also provide remote power supply based on IP terminal devices S2600 POE switches satisfy IEEE standard of 802.3af and 802.3at. The maximum power consumption of each port is 32W, the whole power consumption can reach 400W.

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Main Features

Backplane capacity 18Gbps
Interface switching capacity 3.6Gbps
Forwarding capacity 2.7Mpps
Port 8*10/100Base-T,2*ComboGE(100/1000Base-X SFP or 10/100/1000Base-T)
Power consumption Full-loaded≤14W (without POE)
Dimensions (width x depth x height)) 330mm×220mm×44mm
Weight (Full-loaded) ≤2.5kg
Power Input AC : 90~264V, 47~63Hz
PoE Power supply 127W
POE features 8/16/24*Base-T support POE, use data cable 1,2,3,6 to supply power,satisfy for 802.3at Alternative A.
Satisfy 802.3af standard and 802.3at standard,max power consumption of single port is 32/40W.
S2600-10PC provides full-loaded 8 ports 802.3af(15.4W) or 4 ports supply power
Environmental requirements Operating Temperature:-15°C~55°C   Storage Temperature:-40°C~70°C
Relative humidity:10%~90%,non-condensing

Detailed Features

L2 features MAC 16K MAC address
Aging time and add/remove static MAC by manual
MAC Black Hole
Port MAC Limit
Disable MAC address learning on port or channel-group
MAC filtration
VLAN 4K VLAN entries.
Port-based and protocol-based MAC VLAN
Port Bidirectional bandwidth control, configure entry/exit and the smallest 64K control particle
Storm-control on port, configure broadcast/multicast/unknown unicast
Static and LACP, configure 30 groups and 8 members port each group
Port- mirroring of 1:1 or N:1and remote port-mirroring
Security features User’s security ARP anti-Flooding, configure ARP traffic safety threshold and inhibition ARP packet
ARP anti-Spoofing, configure ARP inner and outer MAC check and static ARP checklist and drop / flood action
IP Source Guard, auto-create IP+MAC+port+VLAN binding table
IEEE 802.1x and AAA/Radius authentication
IP+MAC+port+VLAN binding manually
Port Isolation, configure hardware isolation of each port
Bind MAC address to port and MAC address filtration on port
Network security User-based ARP abnormal traffic filtration
Auto-shutdown port in storm
Update user’s location through DHCP Option82 and PPPoE+
Port-based broadcast/multicast/unknown unicast suppression
L2-L4 ACL flow filtration
Device security Anti-DOS attack
SSHv2 Secure Shell
SNMP v3 encryption
Telnet based on Security IP
Prevent unauthorized user
Service features ACL Activate 460 standard and extended ACL at the same time
Port/VLAN/global-based ACLand Time Range-based ACL strategy
CAR and ACL in the dynamic AAA
QoS 8 queues with different priorities on each interface
Flow classification based on SMAC、DMAC、VLAN、SIP、DIP、IP protocol, port number and CoS
Traffic priority definition and packet re-direction
Multicast 1K L2 multicast groups
IGMPv1/v2/v3 Snooping
IGMP Filter/Fast leave/cross-VLAN duplication
MLDv2/MLDv2 Snooping
Reliability Loop protection EAPS and GERP
Link protection FlexLink
Maintenance Network maintenance Port real-time, utilization and transmit/receive statistic based on CLI
802.3ah Ethernet OAM
Syslog and RFC 3164 BSD syslog Protocol
Ping and Traceroute
Device management CLI, Console port, Telnet and WEB management
RMON (Remote Monitoring)1,2,3,9 MIB
GN.LinkⅡ Server
NGBNView network management

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Software manual

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